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1 Custom textile covers

The Polish company Soferia specializes in sewing covers for Upholstered furniture manufactured by Ikea. We work with the best tailors who sew each of your covers by hand. Of course, the customer can choose the material from which covers for Ikea sofas will be sewn. We offer a wide selection of classic as well as modern fabrics. All fabrics, however, have water-repellent properties, making them extremely easy to keep clean. Of course, covers for Ikea sofas made by Soferia are also a great way to protect the surface of upholstered furniture to enjoy as long as possible. The customer using the services of Soferia can count on rapid organization of each order, and individual covers are sent abroad. There is a two-year warranty on each case. Ordering a tailor made cover for the best way to quickly and cheaply refresh the interior design of a given interior. Manufactured by our experienced dressmakers covers are also extremely functional and durable. Of course, Soferia offers very affordable prices.

Adres www: https://soferia.co.uk/19-shop

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